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    Significant Growth
    Stable Dividend Payout to
    Reward Shareholders
    The Group has paid a total of HKD 11 billion dividend since listing, with an average payout ratio at approximately 40%.
    Integrated Light-weight
    Solutions Provider
    Focused on industrial extruded products and construction extruded products.
    Focuses on industrial aluminium extrusion, aluminium flat rolling and further fabrication. Committed to the development of products for the high-end applications as ecological construction, transportation, machinery and equipment and electric power engineering, the Group is able to provide one-stop solutions covering design, R&D, manufacturing and after-sales services.
    Strategic Business Footprints Expansion
    The Group's business started off from the industrial aluminium extrusion project in Liaoyang City and has been strategically expanding at home and abroad. By the end of 2018, the key business footprints of the Group cover:
    Honours for the Past Decade